Membership Information

Joining a cycling club is a great way to get fitter quicker, meet new people, learn new cycle routes (and cafes) and is much more fun than cycling on your own.

To become a member of New Brighton Cycling Club just send a request by email to our Membership Secretary. Details below.

By joining the club, you accept that you ride as part of the club, but at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety. You should ensure that your bike is maintained to a sufficient standard to take part in club rides. Helmets are optional but advised.

All riders must obey the rules of the Highway Code and show respect to other road users at all times. You might be aware that the Code was updated recently. Rules for cyclists can be read here

Club membership and fees for 2022

The club is going through some personnel and administrative changes just now. We have a new Membership Secretary in Ali Amirkhalil. If you are seeking membership (it’s the best way to keep abreast with what’s going on at the club, and you can join our WhatsApp group) then contact Ali by email and ask to be considered for membership. The fees are are posted below.

If you don’t use email then send a letter to: Membership Secretary, New Brighton Cycling Club, C/O Wallasey Yacht Club at the address below.

The normal way to pay these days is by online bank transfer (Ali will provide details). Don’t forget, the club normally meets at 8pm at Wallasey Yacht Club 10 Hope St, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2LN on the first Tuesday of each month.

Under 12 years               Free
Under 16 years               £4.00
Juniors 16-18 years        £8.00                                                              
Seniors                           £12.00
Family                             £24.00  (2 children only free)
Overseas/Associate        £6.00

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