Go-Ride Skills & Coaching

  Hooton Go-Ride skills and coaching sessions 2018

Prize giving Aug 30th        

Group One  Joint 1st. Leo Hewitt & Joshua Worrell2nd Isaac Dickinson.  3rd Max Zorn

Group Two           1st Lily Dorricott.   2nd  Barny Pritchard.   3rd  Beth Johnson

Best Improved    Anna Johnson,   Jacob Bush,    George Mullen


Results starting May 10,  click on links below.

               2018 Hooton Week1 to 7 results    

                 2018 Hooton Week8 to 10 results

Group event week 14. Scratch              1st Rueben Corlett 2nd Joshua Worrell  3rd Leo Hewitt

Group event week 13. Handicapp        1st Isaac Dickenson, 2nd Leo Hewitt  3rd Jacob Bush

Group event week 13. Elimination.       1st Reuben Corlett, 2nd Leo Hewitt  3rd Joshua Worrell

Group event week 12. Elimination.       1st Reuben Corlett, 2nd Jacob  Bush3rd Joshua Worrell

Group event week 11. Elimination.       1st Leo Hewitt, 2nd Orla Smout3rd George Mullen

Group event week 9. Elimination.       1st Leo Hewitt, 2nd George Mullen3rd Joshua Worrell

Group event week 7. Elimination.  (A) 1st Leo Hewitt, 2nd Jacob Bush, 3rd Orla Smout                                                                                                                (B)  1st George Mullen, 2nd Henry Harle, 3rd Will Johnson

Group Box Games Wk 7.   Winners.    Anna Johnson,  Rohin Thaker,  Henry Harle

Group event week 6. Elimination.       1st Monty Sutton, 2nd Orla Smout, 3rd Max Zorn 

Group event week 4.  Elimination.  (Road bikes) 1st Leo Hewitt, 2nd Reuben Corlett, 3rd Joshua Worrell                                                                                    (MTB bikes)   1st  Henry Harle, 2nd Lewis Deane, 3rd Isacc Dickinson

Pictures from the first four sessions in April



Hooton Go-Ride skills and coaching sessions 2017

Prize giving 20 July


Group One winner                          Group Two winner              Group One:  2nd- Max Zorn.  3rd- Roman McDonald  

 Leo Hewitt                                             Ben Bradley                    Group Two:  2nd- Anna Johnson.  3rd- Sam Hewitt        All of them  Silver medal Winners


   Winners trophys                                                                                                                                 

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All of the weeks results can be   viewed by clicking on the red links below. Group events are listed below in blue.

    Hooton 2017 Results Week 1 to 9        Hooton 2017 Results Week 10 to 11                                                              

Group event Week3.   (Group1) 2 laps. 1st Leo Hewitt, 2nd Reuben Corlett, 3rd Roman McDonald.      (Group2) 1 lap.  1st Joshua Worrell, 2nd Daniel Bird, 3rd Otto Zorn.
Group event Week4.  (Group1)  3 laps  1st Ben Bradley,  2nd Harry Tabiner,  3rd Rhys Jones.    (Group2) Half lap 1st Thomas Smout,  2nd Sam Hewitt,  3rd Ewan Williams.
Group event Week5.  1st Leo Hewitt,  2nd Monty Sutton,  3rd Roman McDonald
Group event Week9.   (Slow bike race)   Joint first   Eve Hall,  Leo Hewitt.